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How it Works

Route-based Coffee Delivery

Just like the ice cream truck you used to run after as a kid, only this time it’s coffee, and you know exactly when it’s going to arrive!

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Wait for The notification that a van is on its way.
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Customize your order exactly how you like it.
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It’s Delivered to you for free. Yes, really.
Delivery Locations

Ready for delivery?

We’re delivering to businesses in these cities from Monday to Friday. Don’t see a location near you? Request it below!

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FAQ & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a problem with my order?

It's now easier than ever to alert us of any issues with your order by utilizing our "Report A Problem" feature in the App! Simply access your order history, select the order from the list you wish to report, and follow the guided steps to submit your report.

Do you offer gift cards?

E-Gift Cards are now available in the CoffeeNow app. Select your card design, set the amount, and even leave a personalized message! You’ll send the gift card via text message, and just like that you’re spreading the gift of #coffeeconvenience.

Please note, it is best to send a gift card to an individual at a workplace that receives our services daily as they will be able to redeem and utilize the funds.

Can I have a discount?

Every new CoffeeNow member will receive a $6 credit with their App Download, redeemable on their first order.

Furthermore, we encourage all CoffeeNow members to take advantage of our unique reward point system to enjoy discounts at checkout! Be sure to follow our social media channels to stay informed on any special promotions and discounts we may run throughout the year.

Can I customize my order?

Yes! CoffeeNow offers our exclusive full customization feature that allows you to personally build each drink to your taste. When building your beverage, you’ll find a +/- box appear next to each ingredient added which allows you to add or reduce the amount of each additive. It’s something we like to call, “Your Order. Your Way.”

How much does it cost?

Our mobile delivery service is FREE! Your total at checkout is the price you pay. With NO service or delivery fees, you can have your favorite caffeinated beverage delivered directly to your workplace without the extra costs. With CoffeeNow it’s as easy as, “Ordered. Brewed. Delivered.”

What are your operating hours?

Since we are a route-based delivery service, our operating hours are unique to the duration of each delivery route. General order windows will open around 7:00am and 12:30pm daily. Following along with your locations ETA will also help gauge the duration of your ordering opportunities. You will be notified of your order window timelines with our unique “We’re Open” and “It’s Coffee Time” direct notifications sent to your mobile device.

Do you deliver to my business or location?

We have two convenient ways for you to verify the delivery status of your workplace location.

  1. You can enter your address in the CoffeeNow App and receive an instant message informing you of your delivery status.
  2. Or you can click on the “locations” tab above, choose the city you’re in and enter your location there.

 If your location is not currently an active stop, please feel free to answer the questions our system provides and help us find you for future delivery as we continue to build our routes.

What is route-based delivery?

Route-based delivery is CoffeeNow’s way of providing routine consistent delivery for your workplace. Your location will be placed onto an organized delivery route ran by one of our mobile vans. Each stop receives their own delivery ETA and can track their van utilizing our in-app tracking software!